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WiFi Network


08.11.2023 - Changing the root certificate

If there are problems with logging on to the WLAN, the profile for the SSID "uni-halle" may have to be deleted and set up again.

The server certificate is currently issued by a Comodo CA (AAA Certificate Services).

Certificates with the current operating systems

Current operating systems (MAC, WIN, Android...) usually already contain the required root certificate. This means that installation is usually not necessary when setting up the WLAN. The setting "Use system certificates" - or similar - is sufficient.

Wireless LANs at MLU


Wireless access to the internal networks for all registered and authorized MLU users.


Access for registered guest accounts.
For individual persons or events


Guest access for users of participating institutions using their home login data.


Hotspot for information pages about WLAN use at MLU.

The VPN client can also be downloaded and tested via this network.

Using the navigation bar on the left, you will find instructions on how to connect to the University of Halle's WLAN. Please select your operating system or the topics eduroam and certificates.

Please consult the list of frequently asked questions in case you have questions. If your question has not been answered adequately, please contact our helpdesk.


Access to the university network allows you to use services internal to the university. For information on the services available to you, please contact your department.

In addition, guests of MLU (event-net) or other institutions (eduroam) can obtain wireless internet access.


WLAN is already available in many university facilities and is constantly being expanded.

You are welcome to report a lack of coverage or problems to us via the helpdesk.

Accessing these pages from "wlan-howto"

You can also access these pages from the unsecured "wlan-howto" WiFi network if you have not yet set up your connection to the "uni-halle" network.

Make sure to delete the WLAN profile "wlan-howto" again - after you have successfully connected to "uni-halle"!