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Why does the connection to the WLAN uni-halle not work (anymore)?

1. please check whether you are in the reception area of the uni-halle WLAN.

  • The signal strength must be sufficiently high for a login.
  • If necessary, change your location to get a better WLAN signal.

2. please check whether current network faults have been reported.

3. please check whether your password is correct!

  • To do this, try to connect to other MLU services where the login is carried out via your user ID (5-digit).

4. please check whether new certificates are being used for the MLU WLAN.

  • Delete the WLAN profile uni-halle on your device
  • Reconnect to the WLAN uni-halle
  • Use the descriptions for the respective operating system

I have forgotten my password; what do I do?

You can change your password in the Serviceportal.

Do I need to explicitly request access in order to use the WiFi network?

MLU students are allowed access to the WiFi network upon enrollment, via their username and password, with no further action.

Employees and guests need to request WiiFi access explicitly. This can be done at account creation or, at a later time, via phone request: (+49) 345-55 21888.

At which locations can I access the university WiFi network?

WLAN is already available in many university facilities and is constantly being expanded.

You are welcome to report a lack of availability or problems to us via the helpdesk.

Can I access the WiFi network from multiple devices?

Using your credentials, you can access the WiFi network from two devices concurrently (for example, from your mobile phone and a notebook or tablet).


For secure login to the MLU WLAN, you must validate the certificates of our servers.

This is handled differently depending on the operating system.
From automatic authentication against the system certificates to manual verification of the fingerprints by the user during the (first) connection setup.

Where do I find information about network service interruptions?

We post about service interruptions and related issues on our blog.

Where can I get help in person?

  1. Helpdesk in the IT-Servicezentrum, Kurt-Mothes-Straße 1, Tel.: 0345-55 21888, staffed Mo–Fr 9:00–15:00 o'clock.
  2. Helpdesk at the Universitätsplatz, Universitätsplatz 10, Tel.: 0345-55 21285, staffed Mo–Th 9.00–15:00, Fr 9:00–13:00 o'clock.

You may also contact us via phone: 0345-55 21888.